April 16 2016
Lockhart-Taylor Center
Wadesboro, N.C.

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CWC Sponsors

We are delighted to announce our workshop leaders for 2015!

Joseph Bathanti, 2012-2014 NC Poet Laureate
Martha Reed Johnson, professional storyteller
Ruth Moose, author of "Doing It at the Dixie Dew"
Susan Sloate, author of "Stealing Fire" and "Forward to Camelot"
Diane Wolfe, owner of Dancing Lemur Press
and ...
Keynote Speaker D.G. Martin, host of "North Carolina Bookwatch"

D.G. Martin interviewed more than 250 North Carolina authors on UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch” and conducted more that 1000 interviews on Chapel Hill’s WCHL radio station’s “Who’s Talking.”

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D.G. Martin is host of UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch,” the state’s premier literary series. A graduate of Davidson College and Yale Law School and a former Green Beret, Martin practiced law in Charlotte for 20 years before joining the University of North Carolina, where he served as Vice President for Public Affairs and chief legislative liaison. Since his retirement he has served in interim leadership positions at UNC-Pembroke, North Carolina Central University, Trust for Public Land, Triangle Land Conservancy, North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund, and as President of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Fund. About 40 North Carolina newspapers carry his weekly newspaper column that features books, politics, and related topics. In May 2008 Wingate University awarded him an honorary degree. He and Harriet have two children and four grandchildren.

He writes a weekly column published by many North Carolina newspapers and has written numerous book reviews and feature articles for newspapers, journals, and magazines. He co-authored the North Carolina entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica. One feature series for Our State Magazine became a book, “Interstate Eateries,” with a second edition published in 2008.


8-9 - Registration
9:15-11 - Ruth Moose, Ingram Room
9:15-10 - Martha Johnson, Room 206
10:15-11 - Susan Sloate, Room 222
10:15-11 - L. Diane Wolfe, Room 205
11:30 - Lunch, Ingram Room
12:00 - D.G. Martin - Ingram Room

1-2:45 - Joseph Bathanti, Ingram Room
1-1:45 - L. Diane Wolfe, Room 205
2-2:45 - Dancing Lemur Press Pitches, Room 205
2-2:45 - Susan Sloate, Room 222
2_2:45 - Martha Johnson, Room 206
3:15-4 - Panel, Ingram Room

Joseph BathantiJoseph Bathanti is former Poet Laureate of North Carolina (2012-14). He is the author of eight books of poetry: Communion Partners; Anson County; The Feast of All Saints; This Metal, nominated for the National Book Award, and winner of the Oscar Arnold Young Award; Land of Amnesia; Restoring Sacred Art, winner of the 2010 Roanoke Chowan Prize, awarded annually by the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association for best book of poetry in a given year; Sonnets of the Cross; and Concertina, winner of the 2014 Roanoke Chowan Prize. His novel, East Liberty, won the 2001 Carolina Novel Award. His novel, Coventry, won the 2006 Novello Literary Award. His book of stories, The High Heart, won the 2006 Spokane Prize. They Changed the State: The Legacy of North Carolina’s Visiting Artists, 1971-1995, his book of nonfiction, was published in early 2007. His new book of personal essays, Half of What I Say Is Meaningless, winner of the Will D. Campbell Award for Creative Nonfiction, is from Mercer University Press. A new novel, The Life of the World to Come, was released from University of South Carolina Press in late 2014. Bathanti is Professor of Creative Writing at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

Workshop: Where You Live: Writing about Yourself and Your Family
Participants will come away with a story (a memoir) about where they and their families live and have lived – not only physically, but in their memories as well. The workshop is designed to get participants thinking about specific episodes that in some way exemplify their identities in relationship to a particular place – for instance, Anson County, though other locales might be involved as well. That locale could be a street or the country or something much smaller like your grandmother’s kitchen, a store, school yard, or church – anywhere or anything that triggers memory. Even if that place has now vanished, it still exists in your memory. So, in many ways, this workshop is an exercise in memory and how it intersects with place. Bring with you to this session old family photographs and/or other family artifacts.

Martha Reed JohnsonMartha Reed Johnson is an award winning storyteller who, according to her parents, has been telling tales from the time she could talk. She is one of five children who consistently used her oral skills to outwit her siblings and charm her parents. She now resides in South Carolina with her two “almost grown” sons who provide her with endless story material. With heart and humor Martha creates amazing stories from the ordinary and not so ordinary moments of life. She has been a feature storyteller, speaker and entertainer in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Her debut CD, “Skinny Dipping & Other Life Lessons” recently won two World Storytelling Awards.

Workshop:"From Page to Performance"
Whether "performing" your written stories for an audience of a hundred, a workplace meeting or simply to your grandchild, Martha can help those written words spring to life and capture the attention of your listeners. This workshop will feature simple activities to spark your creative spirit and find your voice. You will learn the basics of oral communication: vocal variety, pacing, cadence, body language/gestures and creating word pictures. Be ready to move, tell and learn!

Ruth MooseRuth Moose was on the Creative Writing faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill for 15 years. Her first novel, Doing it at the Dixie Dew, was published by St. Martin’s Press, May 2014, after it won the Malice Domestic $10,000 prize. Previously published are three collections of short stories, The Wreath Ribbon Quilt, Dreaming in Color, and Neighbors and Other Strangers with individual stories in Atlantic, Redbook, Ladies' Home Journal and other places; six collections of poetry, most recently, The Librarian and Other Poems. She’s received a MacDowell Fellowship and a Chapman Fellowship for Teaching. She lives in Pittsboro, NC.

Workshop: Flash Fiction
News item: The short story has gotten shorter. Blame it on I-phones, I-Pads e-mail,etc. Can you tell a story in 300 words of less? I think we do it all the time. In this hands on workshop we'll read examples of award winning very very short stories and write to a prompt or two. It's a whole new ball game for writers. This genre may be your niche.

Susan SloateSusan Sloate is the author or co-author of 20 published books, including FORWARD TO CAMELOT (with Kevin Finn), which in its original edition became a #6 Amazon bestseller, took honors in 3 literary competitions and was optioned for film by a Hollywood production company. The revised edition, FORWARD TO CAMELOT: 50th Anniversary Edition, was published by Drake Valley Press. For REALIZING YOU (with Ron Doades), she created a brand-new genre: the self-help novel. STEALING FIRE, a love story about 1980's Broadway musicals, was a finalist in the 2014 Readers' Favorite Book Awards and a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. All 3 books were published in a single 90-day period in 2013. Susan has also written 17 young-adult books, including five biographies, a history of Alcatraz, a book about baseball, one on pre-teen fashion, and entries in four different girls' book series. She has been a sportswriter and a screenwriter, has managed two recent political campaigns, and founded both the East Cooper Authors Festival (where professional authors interact with students) and the brand-new Writers Workshop, which stages readings of original unproduced plays, with critiques to help writers improve their work. She also served for 2 years on the Culture, Arts & Pride Commission of the Town of Mount Pleasant, SC.

Workshops: Screenwriter's Tricks for Killer Novel Structure
Today's reading climate is very different from the literary scene in Dickens and Jane Austen's times, yet today's writers often try to write just like them. That's nice, but... today's reader has too many other potential book choices. This workshop, led by bestselling author and screenwriter Susan Sloate, discusses tools that screenwriters use to create riveting movies. Those same tools can help authors fashion a novel with a tighter structure, stronger characterization and greater emotional punch--which will keep your reader glued to the page. Find out what the movies can do for your book!

Marketing on Amazon
Amazon is an author's best friend, and the greatest potential seller of your work. And you may not believe it, but you and Amazon have the same goal: to sell as many copies of your book as possible. Bestselling author Susan Sloate discusses the book-selling tools Amazon offers its authors, and the strategies that will help your book get the greatest visibility with the world's largest bookseller. And best of all, almost all of it is free, and used correctly, you can attract plenty of reviews, fans and buyers. This workshop includes the secrets of the Amazon Bestseller Strategy--a series of steps designed to shoot your book to the top of the Amazon bestseller list in just 24 hours!

L. Diane WolfeKnown as “Spunk On A Stick,” L. Diane Wolfe is a member of the National Speakers Association. She conducts seminars on book publishing, promoting, leadership, and goal-setting, and she offers book formatting and author consultation. Wolfe owns Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. and is the author of seven books, including two non-fiction titles and a NA/YA series, The Circle of Friends. She travels extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements, maintains numerous websites & blogs, (including the Insecure Writer’s Support Group) and contributes to several other sites and newsletters.
Spunk On A Stick
Spunk On A Stick’s Tips
Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.

Workshops: Publishing & Printing 101
Are you considering a career in the publishing industry? Are you trying to get your small press off the ground? Are you struggling to keep up with the changes? L. Diane Wolfe walks you through the steps of locating or creating a marketable product, business setup, production, printing, and distribution. Learn how to use the Internet as a resource and platform for your business and tap into the eBook revolution. Those serious about writing and publishing are encouraged to attend this informative seminar! This session is offered in combination with Publishing & Promoting 102.
Publishing & Promoting 102
Are you new to the publishing industry? Looking to boost sales? Are you searching for other options and fresh ideas? L. Diane Wolfe walks you through the steps of identifying marketable products, budgeting, developing contacts, building an online presence, and generating publicity. Learn to identify potential reviewers and key social media without plunging a fortune into advertising. Those serious about publishing and book promotion are encouraged to attend this informative seminar. This session is offered in combination with Publishing and Printing 101.

Dancing Lemur Press

Our mission, our vision, our goal ...
Our trademark is not just a logo – the Dancing Lemur represents optimism, enthusiasm and belief. We strive to publish works that uplift and inspire, encouraging the reader to explore and discover while remaining morally grounded. At the heart of our science fiction, New Adult/YA, and fantasy lies positive relationship dynamics, optimistic attitudes and non-salacious material. Our non-fiction offers insightful information, uplifting ideas and real-life opportunities. Our goal is to provide hope for the reader’s dreams and aspirations.
Share the vision and come dance with us!
Dancing Lemur Press

Registration is $25 online or $30 at the door. A catered lunch is included in the cost.
There is a separate registration button for those who would like to attend the luncheon talk only.Deadline is April 10.

AND back by popular demand,
"Back Porch Stories" will entertain on Friday, April 17,
at the Ansonia Theatre.
Tickets are still only $5.
Click here to see who's tellin' tales.

Lunch with D.G. Martin

If you prefer not to register on line, you may register by sending a check or money order
made out to the Anson County Writers' Club to Anson County Writers' Club,
2015 Conference, P.O. Box 363, Wadesboro, NC, 28170.
If you prefer to pay at the door on the day of the conference, e-mail info@ansoncountywritersclub.org
or call Sandy Bruney at 704.694.5211 to have your name placed on a list.
There will be a limited number of lunches available for walk-ins, so be sure to register early!

Carolinas Writers Conference, April 18, 2015

The oversight committee for the 2015 conference met June 18 at Lady Bug restaurant to make plans. The dates will be April 17-18 (Back Porch Stories Friday and the conference Saturday). We talked about many issues and will report back as we make decisions. Meanwhile, SAVE THE DATE! Clockwise from top, Kaye, Sandy (secretary and webmaster), Karen, Beverley (treasurer), Rufus (conference chairman), Joan, J.A. (chairman Back Porch Stories).

A limited number of T-Shirts from the conference are available in sizes medium, large, X-large and XX-large at $15 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling. They are blue with the gold CWC logo. To order, send check or money order payable to the Anson County Writers Club and mail to T-Shirts, Anson County Writers Club, P.O. Box 363, Wadesboro NC 21870.